H1B Extension Premium Processing - No Receipt after 15 days

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My current H1b ends 05/31/24 and my employer had filed for my H1B under premium processing in April. On 04/20 FedEx status shows the package had been delivered but no acknowledgment from the USCIS. Attorney team tried reaching out to the respective USCIS processing center and mentioned that they've not received any package. Attorney team is planning to do another filing. Is this normal? This is my fifth extension but never came across like this. Have any rules changed lately?

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Hope it was mailed to the right center/address.  USCIS has many centers.  USCIS may send back the package if not mailed out to the right center, with instructions to send it to the correct USCIS location. 

Is the check (for fees + premium processing) cashed by USCIS?  Just curious.  If yes, then you are good.

In case of premium processing, the employer/attorney gets notification / updates too.  Good Luck.


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It is quite normal to lose packages by shipping companies. Normally law firms send documents that are tracking capable. I am bit suprised that that USCIS is saying package not received. Let your attorneys file the extension and it will go through. Your employers law firm can request cancellation of fee/check they have sent with the lost package. Since you have some time left with your expiry dates you will be all fine. 

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