Return to the US with approved I140, options?

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Hope you all are doing well. I have an unusual query related to my immigration status.
I arrived the United States in 2009 on a student visa after which my H1B visa was sponsored by my employer. I also have an approved i140 (EB2, Aug, 2018)
However, due to family health reasons, I had to return to India in 2019, ending my employment in Aug, 2019. I have been working as an independent contractor as a self employed individual since then, however, my company in India is not registered in the United States.
I am trying to return to the US and wanted to understand the best options for me to return and initiate the green card process again. 
I understand the i140 can still be used since I can have an H1B transfer, but are there any other options? Does an approved i140 work with L1 visas too? I believe H1B green card processing times are getting delayed every year and want to see if there is any other workaround. 
I am badly in need of help and would appreciate any advice.
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H1B would probably be the easiest way to reenter the U.S. L1 is an option if you have worked for a foreign company in a manager or specialized knowledge position for at least 1 year and you need to come to the U.S. to work for a company related to the foreign company. Your green card options will be the same whether you enter in H1B or L1. You should talk to an immigration attorney about your options in more detail.

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