H1B visa holder, section 498A in India, spouse started threatening

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I got married in the month of November-2023 according to Hindu law and have the Hindu marriage certificate(basically the marriage registration was done in November.) During the marriage registration in India, I was asked and got convinced by girls' parents for marriage registration so early. Based on my h1b details she obtained h4 visa. Soon after our official marriage in December-2023, the girl started demanding for money, manhandling me, she praised her previous boyfriend and started instigating me on the third day after our marriage. I didn't like her behavior and restrained myself from having any physical relation. I was hesitant to answer her as she too demanding for money/gold. With depression, I flew back to the US after dropping her a text on the phone. Later on, my parents went to their home and discussed her misbehavior and other things that her family had done to me such as ill-treating me, demanding money before and after marriage etc., they hardly responded for any. A few weeks back, she again called me and demanded me to return her engagement ring. Soon after I asked the girl's father to go to my home and resolve issues. He was very stubborn to do it. Last month girl filed a complaint against me in police station(PS). I don't know exactly about the complaint. The police asked my parents to visit PS and discuss, initally the police suggested to get separated and now even he started threatening my parents maybe this is due to political and bribe influence. Now, they are thinking of sending her to the US, and over here in the US she has got relatives and sisters family. However, I would like to learn more about the divorce application process in the US, particularly in Texas as I am a Texas resident on an H1B visa. Would I be facing any US summons based on the complaint she filed in India.? Also, I want to get the restrain order so that I can peacefully start my divorce application. Kindly can you advise me in this regard including the pros and cons of applying for divorce in Texas-USA.?  Also now their parents are thinking of sending her to the US, and I don't feel safe with her anymore. Would you be helping me out to get any restraining orders.? while the divorce process gets initiated from the state of Texas.?    

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Rule is simple arrested does not matter. if case dismissed unconditionally--meaning you did not have to go through any program or ACD without any kind of community service etc....STRAIGHT DISMISSSAL you are safe...for rest one needs an attorney...pre-trial diversion needs an attorney to fix. jail time over 1 year probably will cost TONS to fix.


And in India in DV cases passport gets seized and you wont be able to return to work.... not sure about the solution..... be safe..settle it.

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