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I am currently on F-1 OPT. Recently, my father passed away, and now I am considering bringing my mother to the US. She is currently on a B-2 visa. I am exploring whether there are any provisions to extend her stay, given that she is dependent on me. Additionally, considering some of her health complications, she may require support. Could you please advise if there are any options to extend her stay for more than 6 months? If so, what is the maximum duration and how many times can we request extensions?

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Usually, the duration of stay is  6 months and you can apply for one extension. Stays of more than one year on the B2 Visa are not allowed.

If one applies and stays over after a visa extension denial, the existing visa is rendered invalid. Obviously, she can leave before the decision with no effect.

Health Care can be a very expensive proposition in the USA as I am sure you are aware.

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If your mother has health issues which prevents her from leaving the U.S. at the end of her current stay, she can file a B2 extension citing medical reasons and including supporting documents.  You may also want to look into B-2 for household members of long-term non- immigrants. Note that B-2 extension when granted are generally given for 6-month duration.  If you require more details do schedule a consult with an immigration attorney.

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