Travelling Outside the US (H-1B) with Arrest Record

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Hello! I have a question related to travelling outside the US, while on an H-1B visa

I have a dismissed arrest record (misdemeanor, 2016) and am currently on an H-1B visa in the US. How will this arrest record impact my ability to travel internationally? What documents will I need to carry in addition to the police reports, court docs etc. and what countries will I need to specifically need to watch out for ?

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Rule is simple arrested does not matter. if case dismissed unconditionally--meaning you did not have to go through any program or ACD without any kind of community service etc....STRAIGHT DISMISSSAL you are safe...for rest one needs an attorney...pre-trial diversion needs an attorney to fix. jail time over 1 year probably will cost TONS to fix....

FBI report, court papaers, court disposition-meaning court papers from court window of $10 called case dismissed/ disposition letter etc. one or all should be handy as a proof it was a STRAIGHT DISMISSAL. Lastly you can always call your attorney and speak to him before traveling and make sure he picks your phone from the airport--thats all I do...BOTH criminal and immigration attorney on phone


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