Both mine and spouse I-485's got denied in December 2022 while I-140 was approved in EB-2 NIW category with PD as 12/9/21.

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I have an approved I-140 in both categories EB-2 NIW and EB-1A with PD (12/9/21). In 2022, we moved from FL to CA and both our I-485's got denied in December 2022 and we were completely unware as neither me nor my attorney received any denial receipts from USCIS. Also, currently USCIS I-485 online statuses show they have received both our RFE's and cases are still pending with them. My attorney filed another I-485 in May 2023 for me and I received my EAD/AP in October 2023 since I had to travel but did not file another I-485 for my spouse. Based on the previous I-485 denial, my spouse's EAD/AP got denied and their is no way she can travel in an emergency. Recently, we requested USCIS to send my I-485 denial notice so that my attorney can file a motion to reopen but have no idea how long it is going to take. Their was no way that both our I-485's could be denied since my I-140 was approved with PD 12/9/21.
Can anyone please let me know how can I get EAD/AP for my spouse so she can travel? March VB for EB-1A is stuck at February 2021 and my PD is 12/9/21 and I can't file another I-485 for my spouse since the date is not current. Please advise. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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