Can we go to Stamping in Canada for first time?


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Originally posted by success_visa:

I am not sure whether we have a black and white answer to this question. I was tempted to get my H1b stamping done in Canada or anywhere close to US to save time and money but when I called the US embassy in Canada, they clearly told me to go to India if this was my first time stamping. So I did that and got my stamping done a week back.

clearly the rules change over time. I did my h1b stamping twice in canada (1st and 2nd time). but this was several years back.

it also depends on how straightforward your case is. if your attorney indicates you can do it in canada, you should.

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@nycwork - I went for stamping in New Delhi. You can see my post at:

@tusharvk - you are right. The rules keep changing. In fact, there is nothing mentioned on the embassy's website about it. I just thought that if I do go to Canada and if I am stuck there for some time, it will most likely cost me more time and money than going straight to India. So I thought that it is not worth going to Canada / Mexico.

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