Does College Attendance Affect 'Physical Custody' for Child Citizenship ?


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My wife and I have just successfully completed our naturalization interviews and are scheduled to take the oath of citizenship in the next few days. We have a 17-year-old daughter who has been a permanent resident for the past five years. According to the Child Citizenship Act, I understand that she should automatically acquire U.S. citizenship following our naturalization, provided she meets certain criteria. One key requirement is that the child must reside in the United States under the legal and physical custody of a U.S. citizen parent.

However, here's where I'm facing some confusion: this fall, our daughter began attending college in a different state, in the U.S. and is currently living on campus, away from our home. Despite this, she maintains her driver's license address in our home state, and we are fully supporting her financially, covering her tuition and other living expenses.

I'm uncertain about how the 'physical custody' aspect of the Child Citizenship Act applies in our situation, given that she is living independently for her college education. Does this affect her automatic eligibility for citizenship under this Act? Has anyone encountered a similar scenario or can provide more insight into this matter?"   Thank you

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