US B1/B2 (Previously held B1/B2 and F1) revoked and reapplication

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I travelled to the US on a B1/B2 visa while I was in High school for a global conference. Aftermy high school, I was admitted at a top 100 university and got my F1 visa. I finished my degree but I have a few hiccups on the way. I withdrew from a semester and was planning to get the SEVIS fixed by leaving the country and coming back. I was still taking classes over the summer .I was detained at the airport for the immigration overstay but also because I found out I was trouble with the law. I was detained and then further released and could not travel back. The law side of things took a while to fix and I was given ARD. I filed for expungement after as well. I was told I had to present myself in front of an immigration judge but CBP called me and told me I just have to file for reinstatement.During the course of that one year, I was taking classes but filed for SEVIS reinstatement pretty late. CBP told me I have to leave the country but my file was accepted for reinstatement and they let me stay till the result comes. In the meanwhile I got my ARD process done and left the country. I found out later that the reinstatement was not approved.



1) I was detained in August 2018 at the airport, but my sevis got terminated in May 2018 when I withdrew from the semester. 

2) I had a B1/B2 visa valid and my F1; Both were revoked in September 2018 after the deatinment/arrest.

3) I should have filed for reinstatement straight away but I got complacent and was waiting for my law related problems to pass before I apply for it.

4) In April 2019, I was contacted by CBP over call telling me to leave the country by May 15 or so. They told me send them a screenshot of the ticket back home which I did.

5) I filed for Reinstatement in May first week and hence on the day of leaving I think May 15 I received a note that my file was accepted. I informed the CBP officer about it and she said I could stay in the country till the news about reinstatement comes by and could continue my classes.

6) In july, court passed my ARD and I left the country on August 20 even before the semester ended.


Now my questions are

1) I was never forcibly removed or presented in front of a judge, so do I have a 3,5/10 year ban on entering?

2) If I apply, do I have to file for a waiver?

3) Its already been 4 years, I have gotten my degree and have started a business in my home country. I am doing well but would like to visit the US for a friends wedding next year and also see my Alma mater again. Is there any possibility of getting a visa?

4) If I need a lawyer, can anyone who has been through a similar ordeal guide me as to whom I should be contacting?


Thanks in advance to everyone


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