I94 expire VISA extension is for more one year and new VISA file requested for a new job

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I had a stamped visa till May 7, 2023 and I entered the USA on April 6, 2021. On entry I was issued I-94 till May 7, 2023.
On Jan 20, 2022 my H1B visa transfer was approved and I received an updated I-94 along with my I797 petition. This is valid till November 11, 2024. The online I-94 on CBP website still shows 'Admit Date as 05/07/2023'.
On Dec 30, 2022 I went on a 4 day cruise from Miami to Bahamas and back to Miami. 
Now when I look at t online I-94 it shows  'Admit Date = 05/07/2023' but the last arrival date is Jan 3, 2023. There is no departure date and only an arrival date on the I94 history form. 
I went to CBP office in Miami and they said  that as cruise is considered a closed loop cruise, your I-94 issued by USCIS is the right one and that it should be used for any extension/transfer or DL related activities.
Now I'm in process of changing my employment again and the company attorney asked me to get it corrected by CBP but CBP said my USCIS I94 is the valid one and it precedes the online I-94. I have also raised an online request to get it corrected
So my question is it safe for me to apply for my H1 transfer and what are my options.
Please let me know how we can connect.
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