Requesting Indian PCC from embassy in Toronto

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Hi -

I am a green card holder sponsoring my wife and we both currently live in Toronto, Canada. My wife needs to obtain PCC from Canada and India as part of the GC filing.

For the Indian PCC, the Indian embassy in Toronto is asking us to submit the ORIGINAL passport and they say they will take 4-6 weeks for the processing. We usually travel to the US once in 3 weeks, so can't submit the passport for such a long period.

Can we get the Indian PCC directly from the passport office in India? The reason I am asking is that we have been previously advised to get the PCC from the nearest local embassy (if you live outside India), which in our case is the embassy in Toronto.

Thank you!

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Getting a PCC from India takes longer time, as it requires a police verification from all the the places you have lived in India (this is my understanding). But from Toronto consulate it will be easier and faster, as they have to only look at your computer record (if you have not returned to India for any long period). Probably you should convince the consulate about your urgency.

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