H1B Stamp after new citizenship


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Originally posted by matarese:

You might need to get a fresh H1b since the earlier document is based on your identity which was that of an Indian citizen.

No. The identity didn't change. It is still the same person. That's what matters.

Therefore a fresh stamp is required on the new passport since additionally, the old one is invalid.

No. The old H1 visa continues to be valid.

Traveling with the new passport and the old one with the valid visa in it should be fine.

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Originally posted by varun1234:

Hi Joef

Thanks for the information

Since both the passports are from different countries and previous Indian passsport will be cancelled on aquiring new EU passsport.

Is it ok to travel outside USA and enter with cancelled indian passport with visa still valid and new EU passport valid for 10 yrs??

When a passport is canceled it does NOT cancel the visas in the passport.

The visa stays valid. So you can use the new passport to enter, and in addition you have to show the visa in the old, canceled passport.

I have to admit, though, that I personally only have experience with having a valid visa in an old, expired and canceled passport of the same country. I showed both passports. But it should work with a canceled passport from another country as well, although you may have to explain that you changed citizenship. The visa is tied to the person, not to the country of citizenship.

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Hi All,

Following my earlier post, i am now planning on traveling outside USA and re-enter with new EU passport and old Indian passport with valid H1b stamp. I am still not 100% sure if i am ok on my way back as i had mixed advise as some say its fine and few others advising to go for H1 stamping at a foreign consulate

Would appreciate thoughts from senior members on their experiences in similar cases


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