Non-Objection J1 waiver for Fulbright Scholar

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Hello everyone,

I am a Fulbright scholar with a PhD in Behavioral Economics. My research focuses on solutions to reduce obesity in the US. In my research, I also use the latest technologies such as facial expressions and eye tracking technologies. For my endeavor to conduct obesity research in the US, I just got approved for my EB2 NIW. However, I still need a j1 waiver to change status. I know that as a Fulbright scholar who received funding from the US, it is very difficult to obtain a non-objection waiver but, I would like to try for two reasons: first, due to the high prevalence of obesity in the US, my research holds a significant value to the US, reason why I was approved for my NIW within two months without requesting for the expediate processing. Second, the advanced technologies that I use in my research are not available in my home country, which will adversely affect my research if I go back home. My country is willing to provide non-objection letter. Thus, I would like to know:

1-If I have a chance of being approved for the non-objection j1 waiver.

2-Also, I would like to know if I should mention in my non-objection application that I was approved for the NIW. If yes, will this information support my application?

3- Third, my PhD supervisor is willing to provide a recommendation letter to explain the importance of my research to the US. Is this letter useful for my application?

Thank you for your assistance.

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