SSN then ITIN now SSN again with EAD

Samkit Jain

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Hi ,
My spouse is on H4 ( with post marriage updated last name on passport and all H4 documents) but she has SSN with her pre- marriage last name when she was in US in 2008 on L2 . 

She came back to US 5 years back on H4 and applied ITIN for tax filing . 

Now I am applying for her EAD , so I-765 form has the option of previous name used ( where I can write her pre- marriage name) and also asked to enter the SSN if she has it or not ? So should I write the previous SSN number and tick the check box which says no new SSN required or should I request for new one ?

Does filing with ITIN invalidates previous SSN ?

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SSN stays with her for life. She should not have gotten an ITIN -- she was ineligible for an ITIN since she had an SSN. She should use her existing SSN on all forms that ask for an SSN, and on her tax returns. She may have to inform IRS that her (incorrectly obtained) ITIN should be linked to her SSN, so that her tax returned filed with that ITIN would correctly count under her SSN.

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