Names used previously for N400??

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Hi folks,
I have been a PR for 7 plus years and have decided to apply for my naturalization.
On the N-400 form they have asked for any other names used since birth. I would like to know how to approach this question for my application.

I was born - A B (first name) X Y (last name)

Some time during my childhood my folks decided to change our names to match with my youngest brother. So we did do it legally back in India which was captured in my passport from 30 years ago.


My name from above went to - A (first name with an extra "H" added) X Y (last name) ----- no more B part of the first name (was omitted). And I have used this name since my first entry into US and all along.

When my birth certificate was re-issued for my GC (as the old one was misplaced or lost) it was issued by the town taking into account the official name change records. So my birth certificate matches what is in my passport and GC and all other records since high school. When my GC (I-485) was filed back in 2015, the form was much different and never asked for provide all names you have ever used since birth. It was quite different. It was more like a single section to input any other name, with no clear guidelines. All i mentioned was the shortened version of my name that i have on CC. 

Question - do i mention this name I had when i was a kid (A B (first name) X Y (last name))? I have old passports to show the same if need be.
Or do I not mention it at all?

Any input is much appreciated!! thanks l!!

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