RFE for h1b dropbox : inperson interview requested


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My name is praveen and just got a RFE(221g) for h1b dropbox, requested for inperson interview. I am working as contractor with a client through a vendor, so there are 2 layers.

Problem-1: my employer lately filed amendment(Dec2022) for my new client which i had started working in June2022.

Question-1: If there is a question during interview as to why this delay, how and what to answer? I dont want to lie, please assist on how to deal with this?

Problem-2: Client letter(Purchase order) has generic job duties and it doesnt match with employer letters job duties.

Question-2: Will this be a problem or I can explain my current duties ?

Question-3: What/How to answer for, Whom do you report on daily basis? Employer or client Manager ? 

Any help answering the above questions is greatly appreciated.

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The timing of an amendment doesn't normally have a good answer and trying to make something up tends to create more problems, but if the job at the hear of an H1B petition is real then one should just explain what the job is when asked. One should be able to explain how the duties are being performed and if there are letters from multiple parties about the responsibilities one should be able to explain how the two are consistent with one another.

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