Misdemeanor charge ....Do I have a chance getting a GC?

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I am charged with Grand Larceny for shoplifting. My attorney told that I can get away with misdemeanor.

I have read a lot online that it is very difficult to get a GC in this situation. I wanted to know the opinion of expertise. Do you think I have any chance getting a GC in this situation.

If I cannot get it through my normal processing is there any way I can get GC in EB5 quota if I can get half an million to invest on a business?


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Yes, I was charged with grand larceny.

I did the mistake not because I had no money but because I thought I could get away with that. But I was caught.

And the question of EB5 is for future purpose to see if I can ever get back to USA if that happen to have that .5 millions in the worst case.

Thank you so much for your reply.

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