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Hi Folks,

I accidentally booked my dad's ticket a week after the 180 days stay limit instead of before. I am still not sure how I did that. But when my dad went to India, a week later, he got a call from someone saying from consulate and that his visa got cancelled due to overstay by 7 days. I am applying for a new visa for my dad now and have few questions -

1). Is there a place online where we can see if the visa is still valid or really cancelled? I know it may very well be cancelled as we got a phone call but just wanted to double check as there was nothing written received in mail. How can I confirm it? 

2). Last time dad went to Hyderabad for visa stamping so should we qualify for drop off now? I don't see the drop off option or anything that says drop off and the VFS site is asking to book for OFC and Consular appointment. Where should it be ideally saying about drop off?

3). In Ds160 and the Port on VFS site, we selected location as Hyderabad. Can we book OFC and Consular appointments anywhere else too? One at Chennai and another at Mumbai? Since the dates are so far away?

4). Last time my sister sponsored visitor visa but this time, I am doing it. Is that ok? My mom has GC, my sister is a citizen and my 485 is in process. Will that effect my dad's visitor visa application?

5). I am in the process of applying 485 and gave fingerprints. In my dad's ds 160 I did not specify myself as permanent resident since I did not get it yet. Is that ok? After submitting the ds160, and before visa appointment what if I get GC, what do I do then?

6). Can I book appointment on VFS site before submitting DS-160 and just the number received for the DS-160 while filling it?


Please advise.


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