I am a NZ Citizen - previously Indian Citizen - Does GC processing times are as of NZ or India?

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I am a New Zealand Citizen currently on H1B in USA.  I was an Indian Citizen previously (born in India). My H1B visa is on my NZ Passport.  If my employer files for my Green Card. Does GC processing time will be according to New Zealand or according to India (since I was born in India and my previous citizenship was Indian)? I hear that for Indian passport holder GC processing times will take 15 years. So hence this question. Please reply. Thanks so much.

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For purposes of green card processing times, your country of birth, not your country of citizenship is controlling. In your case, because you were born in India, you will be required to follow the processing times for India. If you are married, you have the option to take advantage of something called cross-chargeability. This means that if your spouse is born in a country with more favorable processing times, you can take advantage of that processing time. Please note that this only applies to spouses and not to any other family member, like children or parents.

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