H1B Cap exempt renewal after 6 years


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I have a question regarding the H1B Cap. My H1B Visa issued in May, 2005 under the 20,000 Masters Degree cap.

My US stay dates are as follows -



Days in US Visa
2005 190 H1B
2006 340 H1B
2007 325 H1B
2008 280 H1B
2009 0  
2010 244 L1A
2011 350 L1A
2012 42



I have a company that is willing to file an H1B visa for me but they will not wait till next October for me to start.

I came across this article - https://redbus2us.com/apply-h1b-after-6-years-to-recapture-unused-time-uscis-rule

Can the balance of the 6 years of the H1B be claimed after so many years? Can the company file the application for me as cap exempt? If yes, will I get 1055 days (2190 - 190 - 340 - 325 - 280)?


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