Switched from H1b to H4 and then to H1b but job not started with H1b. Should I switch back to H4 ? What are my options ?

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Hi I'm looking for some suggestions here.

Initially I was working with Employer A on H1b. 
My H1b 6 years max limit reached. So, changed my status to H4 and applied for EAD.
H4 - valid from 01/25/2022 to 02/11/2024
H4 EAD - valid until 02/11/2024

Few months before I received my EAD, Employer A had approached me and started green card process, applied I140 and it was approved. 
Based on I140, I got H1b extension. Employer A told me that my joining date would be confirmed once H1b is approved.
H1B - valid from 10/24/2022 to 10/16/2025

Its been 40 days since my H1b was approved. Employer A came back saying company stopped recruiting and cannot offer me job now.

Since I have not started working on H1b, Will H1b 60 day period rule applies to my case ?
Will I be out of status if I don't switch back to H4. Will my EAD be valid if I switch to H4 or should I reapply for EAD ?
Can you suggest what options do I have to maintain correct status, without leaving US.

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