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I will be completing 6 yrs of h1b on December 7th. My perm is filed in may and still waiting for approval. 


In order to remain in the country, my employer has initiated change of status to h4 ( 2 days before my H1B expiry) and will be placing me on unpaid leave of absence after the H1B expires.  I will still be an employee but will not be working. They will again file H1B after the perm and I 140 gets approved. 


As I will be on H4 change of status, can someone please advise m, how will the following impact my immigration status or current/future applications  ?  is this allowed ?


  1. Going on unpaid leave of absence. 
  2. One of the benefits provided by my company is 14 weeks of paid parental leave(ppl). My child was born recently and I am eligible for ppl. Instead of going on unpaid leave of absence, Can I use ppl so that i can get paid  ?
  3. One of the benefits is to use my accrued vacation hours to get paid during the leave of absence. Can i choose this option ?


Please advise


Note- My employer has agreed to the three options. 


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