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Hi- I was in the US until August 2018 on a H1B, then moved to Canada. My H1b was valid until June 30, 2020 (i got in Montreal in 2017) but I left the US before it expired. At the same time as I held a H1B, I also had a B1/B2, which expired in August 2019 (issued in Sept 2009 in India). Now my employer in Canada (am a temp foreign worker in Canada) wants me to visit the Chicago office for business meetings. My employer HQ is in Chicago. Am I eligible for B1/B2 visa interview waiver if I I file my DS 160 at the Toronto Consulate? The reason I ask is bc the appointment time for a new B1/B2 is 448 calendar days while that for an interview waiver renewal visa is only 10 calendar days, so it could save me substantial time if i am eligible for an interview waiver. I studied and then subsequently worked in the States for 7 years. My employer will provide an Invitation letter as well to support my B1 visa application. Any thoughts from senior board members would be highly appreciated. 

pls see below the instructions on visa renewal by mail without visa interview - My comments are in red font

Visa applicants who meet the criteria below may be eligible to apply for their visas by mail, without a visa interview, if:

  1. They normally reside in Canada; and - Yes since August 2018 as a student then as a temp foreign worker on work permit
  2. They are physically present in Canada; and - Yes
  3. Their visa and passport has not been lost, stolen, or revoked; and - No problems on this either
  4. They fit into one of the following categories:
    • Renewals in the Same Category: They already have a U.S. visa that is valid or has expired within the last 48 months and wish to renew their visa of the same classification (e.g. a holder of a recently expired J visa may NOT renew and get a B1/B2 visa) - renewal is in B1/B2 which expired in August 2019 (within last 48 months) but I also held a H1B until I left the US in August 2018 (i could've stayed until june 2020). I am not clear if I qualify on this one bc my H1b expired in Aug 2018 and i am asking for a renewal of a B1/B2

Thank you!

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