Full Time Employee and Client Letter Confusion


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My petition (software engineer) is filed by a US-based company that provides software development services to US-based clients through offshore partner companies in Asia (My current employer is one of those partner companies). 

The petitioner has 10 US-based employees (primarily sales and business analysts). My LCA states (page 3 picture attached) that I will NOT be placed with a secondary entity at the place of employment. My employment place is the office of my petitioner.

My real work as a software engineer will be mostly helping multiple existing and new clients with software analysis, development, testing, and troubleshooting. This activity will be strictly carried out while working from my petitioner's office. I will not work at any end client's location.

Moreover, my petitioner does not have an in-house project/product. They will pay me themselves as a full-time employee and will not bill any of their end clients. 

As per my understanding, an interviewee is either treated as working for a client or working on an internal project. 

During the visa interview, if a question is asked about a client letter or if I have an end client, what would be an ideal response? If a question is asked about internal project details then how should I handle that?

Your advice in this regard will be much appreciated. 



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