H1-B NOID during H1-B transfer


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Background: I did my masters from Northwestern Polytechnic University and graduated in Dec 2016, in 2019 I received my H1-B.
 I was recently offered a full time position, and they started a H1-B transfer petition, where I got Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID). Now the firm is planning to withdraw my petition as they were not able to make a proper case to respond to NOID  . So I need some guidance / advice on what options I have left with. 
USICS is refrenging to Matter of A-T_Inc. Adopted Decision 2017-04 PM-602-0145
NPU provided a letter with explanation "as Exhibt B, the order from the US Secretary of Education re-rcongnize ACICS dated April 3, 2018. Again, this re-recongnization is retroactive to december 12, 2016, and thus ACICS is currnetly treated by the US Depatrment of Education as having never lost recongination during this period. 
ACICS lost accreditation: Dec 12, 2016
Graduate: Dec 19, 2016
USCIS referring to case from 2017
ACICS re-recognized 2018
initial H1 approved 2019

Exhibit B - Order from the Secretary of Education (April 3_ 2018).pdf

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