Moving from State A to State B while PERM processing is on or after I140 is approved


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1. My current company has filed for PERM- EB2 and I expect to get the approval in a few months. Post that the employer will file for I140 (premium). 

2. I reside in state A, but want to move to state B. 

3. The company attorney says "Company's GC program is structured with job location changes anticipated. Also, the employer address listed is the HQ address and not the personal address of the employee. Thus, it should not impact the GC process to move and no new filing (I assume PERM or I140) would be required. 

Based on the answer from the company attorney (point 3 above), is it advisable to move: 

A. While the PERM processing is on or after the PERM approval comes in? Or

B. After the I140 is approved? Or

C. Not move at all?

D. If I do move (say during PERM processing or after I140 is approved), would new PERM/I140 filing be still needed? 

Your inputs will really help. 

Thank you. 

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