Received Green Card and approved I-485 but, EB3 case is NOT current

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I received my employment based Green Card and I-485 approval notice however, my EB3 application's final action date was not current when (Sep 2022) the case was adjudicated.

My EB3 application was current for a brief period back in Sep 2021 and then retrogressed in Nov 2021. After the dates were retrogressed my application was in National Benefits Center due to unavailability of Visas. I could really use some help and any inputs from the community will be greatly appreciated.

Speculation: I understand there could be a scenario that my EB3 application was just waiting to be processed in NBC and once the visas were available, I was issued the Green Card and I-485 was approved, I don't know.

What I would like to know: - 

  1. Have you run into a scenario before? If so, what did you do?
  2. Does this make my Green Card and approved I-485 invalid?
  3. What do you recommend I do in this situation? I do plan to get legal counsel but, I want to understand what options I have that the attorneys may not present.
  4. What questions I should be asking to the attorneys pertaining to this topic?
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