H1B 6th year start date question for PERM and further extensions.


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My total H1B period: MAY 16,2005 to NOV 22,2011.

What date should I consider as the BEGINING of 6th year: MAY 16,2010 or NOV 22,2010 ?

Should my PERM be filed before MAY 16,2010 or NOV 22,2010 for further one year H1B extensions?



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The date starts when you landed in the US.

The last date should be considered after adding up days when you were out of the US (like visiting home country etc).

If you have not gone out of the US ever since you came to US and assuming that you landed in the US on 5/26/2005, then your last date on h1 will be 5/25/2011.

Good luck



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