F1 Renewal with a Misdemeanor MIP and the 221g Saga


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Hi all,

I got accused of an underage DUI back in Oct 2015, however the charge was reduced and I plead guilty to Minor in Possession of Alcohol which was a misdemeanor in the state of Idaho. My only penalty was a $500 fine and court costs. I had no issues at POE when travelling after the conviction.

Fast forward to 2022. This August I came to renew my F1 visa as now I am a continuing PhD Candidate, mentioned the arrest on the Application. I qualified for Dropbox, so I went that route but got a 221g and was called in for an Interview.

I had my Interview on August 17th in Mumbai where I was asked about my research and given another 221g asking to submit my CV, Publications, work and travel history. However, no questions were asked about the arrest.

Then, I received the passport submission email on 9th of  September saying that the AP was completed. I was ecstatic and submitted the passport the same day. The status changed from Refused to AP, but after 2 days it changed back to Refused. I received my passport back with a 3rd 221g. This time asking me to submit police report and court documents alongside my passport. I had brought all the documents including a letter from my lawyer, so I submitted everything back to the VAC on September 16th.

The status has changed back to Administrative Processing on the 19th and the wait is killing me.

Did anyone have a similar experience? Will I get another 221g for a Medical? Even though the arrest is almost 7 years old at this point. Please share your experiences. 

I will post updates as I get them! Thank you

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