Why my M.tech from Allahabad agricultural Institute is no more recognized by USCIS - Educational evaluation

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Hi there,
I had done my Masters (M.Tech) from Allahabad Agricultural Institute, Allahabad, India in 2006. I got my H1B in 2013 and then I-140 approved in EB2 category in 2015 based on this degree. My educational evaluation was done by an accredited company in 2013 and was awarded as Masters of Science degree in 'Information Technology'.

Later I changed my company and hence I need to file my I-140 again for new employer. BUT.. this time the same education evaluation company is not recognizing my M.Tech degree from this college and hence I am no more a Masters any more. This is impacting my EB category in some way. I complaint to my attorney, but they said can't do anything as this evaluation is done from trusted company.

Did anyone faced this problem where degree was recognized in past but no more after many years? 

I would appreciate your help and suggestion.



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Unfortunately, USCIS has changed their standards on education equivalency over the years (not that we are aware of any significant changes between 2015 and now). Historically, there has also been some variation among education evaluation companies. It should be noted though that different rules apply for education equivalency for H1B vs. Green Cards.

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