Qualifying factors for EB1 filing using PHD

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Please provide me with more information on below points.

  1.  I would like to pursue my PHD Online. Would I still be qualified for EB1 category? 
  2. Currently I am on EB2. If needed to switch to EB1 with PHD, what would be the hindrance in terms of documentation.
  3. What are the other qualifying factors for filing in EB1. If I get the PHD.
  4. Please give me the list of documents that I need to keep it ready by the time I am filing my GC using EB1.

Your support is much appreciated.



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A PhD by itself doesn't necessarily qualify you for EB1. To show extraordinary ability you would have to publish research papers. EB1 becomes easy if, after the PhD, you get a tenure-track professor position. That'll be really hard with some low-quality online degree.

If you want to pursue a PhD, apply at a real university for in-person study.








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On 9/1/2022 at 9:11 AM, ktej said:


A research paper to be qualified for this what are the criteria's...?



You really have no idea what a PhD is and how it works, do you?

A PhD is about research, doing and finding new things that nobody else has done, and then writing research papers about it under supervision of a professor. Such papers are submitted to conferences, and, if accepted, are presented there. The research papers are peer-reviewed, meaning other people in the field determine if the contents are new and worth publishing.

This is a big, multi-year effort where you basically think and work on your research topics 24/7.

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