F1 Visa DUI: convicted of 1 count of DUI misdemeanour 23152 (a)

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Hello All,


I am currently on my F1 Student Visa and last year I was arrested for DUI in California San Mateo county. On 07/05/2022 I was convicted for 1 count of DUI. My DUI was a standard dui I was pulled over for speeding on a freeway however there was no proof of how much speed I was driving on. I cooperated with the officer well and did as they asked me to do. They took me to the station and my bac was 0.12. I just had 2 beers. Since San Mateo county is tough for DUI my lawyer wasn’t able to lower down the charges. I accepted the fact as I did a mistake which I regret it but it also taught me a valuable lesson about decision making in life.



1) I will be graduating this December 2022. And I will be applying for my OPT & EAD. What will be the outcomes for this, will it be rejected?

2) what are the other consequences that I should keep in mind to overcome this situation?


your input really matters and I appreciate you for giving me a feedback on this.

thank you!

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you will get OPT EAD and also H1B do not worry.

only thing you need to worry is the H1B Visa stamping when you go to India...they will ask few questions be ready to answer and come back safe. thats it.

be careful dont involve in any other arrests in life not only DUI, ..if you have more than 1 arrest you will have to face many things and H1B will be in danger. 


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