FOIA i-140 request says no records found


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Employer A initiated my GC process and my PERM and i-140 were approved while i was out of US but still with Employer A.
( NOTE : I had to move out of US due to a query in my perm phase and back to base location as i was nearing max out and wanted to save the remaining time to use as recapture period when i can file for extension on i-140 approval)

Unfortunately, the immigration attorney from my employer A only notified me that my i-140 was approved and sent the receipt number alone ( not the copy of receipt ) for reference.

I couldn't immediately file for extension based on i-140 approval although my i-140 was approved in 2018.

I am planning to move to a different employer and since the critical i-140 document is something that is very much needed for the transfer of VISA and filing of GC by new employer, i thought of using FOIA to request for a copy of i-140. 

But, i see the response of No records found from USCIS. 

Can anyone please explain why it says NO Records Found and this is the same response on 2 requests to USCIS.

What can be done to get a copy of my i-140 approval without reaching out to the Employer A ?

any help here is kindly appreciated?

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