Can employer create an agreement for sponsoring visa?

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I currently employed in a small tech company for about a year now. Recently i received a better offer also my H1B transfer is completed, so I decided to move on. When I resign from my current company, I was informed by HR on the last day of work that I signed an agreement. As per agreement, I have to stay in that company for 24 months else I have pay a liquidation damage of $25,000. But I don't remember signing such agreement a year back, when asked I was informed that I signed electronically. 

Is it legal to create such agreements? I would like to get some advice on it, what if I come out and join the new company. Will the employer can take any legal action? How to deal this situation. Please help.

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Liquidated damages can never be a fixed amount.

It is illegal for a company to require a penalty for leaving early. Some shady companies then use the phrase "liquidated damages", because it is allowed to ask for liquidated damages. These are expenses the company had in connection with you, e.g., for training. However, they get lower over time because the company recoups the money by you working for them. So, companies who specify a fixed amount are just trying to disguise a penalty payment. Oh, and they would show you exactly what you signed. Even if it was electronically, there would have to be a record.

I suggest you discuss your situation with a good immigration lawyer.

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Thanks for the response, I didn't received an electronic copy of the agreement when I signed. HR team sent that document in email 2 days after I left the company. There was no discussion about the agreement while am serving the notice period. 

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