Is H1B stamped in Old (Indian) passport valid after obtaining New (Canadian) passport?

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Hi All,

I got my H1B stamped on my Indian Passport from Canada. 
After which I obtained Canadian Citizenship. 

Since India doesn't allow Dual Citizenship, I had to cancel my Indian Passport. 

Now I've my cancelled Indian Passport with H1B valid until 2024. 
Will I be able to use my H1B in Indian Passport or do I need to apply fresh using my Canadian Passport? 

I don't want to apply for TN without knowing the options of my current H1B.


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Canadian citizens don't need US visas to enter the US in most nonimmigrant statuses (including H1b). Therefore, you don't need an H1b visa in your Canadian passport. You simply go to any US port of entry with your Canadian passport and your latest H1b petition approval, to be admitted into H1b status.

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