New H1B package not received by USCIS before July1

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Hi All, 

Situation: I got my H1 lottery picked in 2022 and my employer shared that the package was shipped by mid of June, we didn't receive the receipt yet.  The only confidence I have without the receipt # is that the employer mentioned about money has been deducted from the account. And after multiple follow-ups with the employer, I was told on 25th July that there was some issue with FedEx and the package was not delivered to USCIS. ( i am clueless why in the first place employer mentioned about the money has been deducted by USCIS )

Since the deadline ( 1st July) is ended, what would be the options I am left with. Can we request USCIS, since that is an issue with FedEx (I Hope that my employer is fair this time about FedEx)?


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When a check is cashed by USCIS, they usually mention the receipt number on the check.

When employer mentions that FedEx has not delivered the package, then did this package get returned to the employer's office?  Employer can try resending this package to USCIS as there are all kind of date/stamp proof of original mailing on this package.  

Since the deadline of June 30 has ended, check with an attorney on the options.  Good Luck.

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