I140 by two employers


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I got my PERM and I140 approved in EB3 category from employer "A" and I'm still employed with "A". I got another PERM and I140 approved in EB2 from employer "B".

My PD is not current yet. I plan to file 485 with my EB2 approvals from employer "B" but I haven't joined with them yet. Do I have to join with employer "B" prior to filing 485 or after filing 485??

Please shed some light.

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Congrats on getting EB2 approved.

I'm also planning to do the same move from H1 Eb3 to another company with EB2. Any help/pointers will be much appreciated.

How soon was your EB2 I140 approved from the time you applied for it.

Were you able to keep your old priority date from Eb3 to Eb2.

Was Company B direct hire or through consultancy.

Thank you so much for your replies.

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