L-1A to H-1B - Change of Status

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I'am currently working in L-1A work permit, My petition expired on Jun-20/2022 & I have filed extension prior to the expiry and I'am in the 240 days grace period. I have got selected in H-1B lottery in 2022 and my change of status from L-1A to H-1B is filed on Jun-15 and recieved the reciept notice. I have the few queries on my case

1) In case of my change of status from L1 to H1 is Approved, change of status will be applicable immidietly or from October-1/2022

2) If In case of my L1 is rejected prior to my change of status approval, What will be the case for change of status applicaition. will it be still processing stage?

3) My Spouse and kid's L2 extension is in progress and it was filed prior ro the Petition expiry date. While this is in processing stage, Can I file L2 to H4 conversion in parellel based on my L1-H1 reciept notice?

Appreciate for any quick responce, Thanks in Advance.

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