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I came back to india in April 2021 after spending nearly 13 years studying and working in the US. Did my masters from a good school and was on H-1B since 2014. CPT/OPT before that.

H-1B expired on Sep 30th 2020 and was on B-2 from Nov 2020 - April 2021. Company filed Perm labor certification in June 2020 but didn't hear back in time (didn't go into audit and didn't hear a result either from I was told by immigration lawyers) to file I-485 by mid Sep 2020 to continue with the yearly H-1b extension. Now back in home country. I joined that company in April 2018. IMO they delayed filing the Perm and as a result here I am. 

Now my question is, how to go back on H-1B? I guess it's going to be really hard to find an employer from India for the April 2023 lottery.  I plan to apply to a bunch of companies around September 2022. So even if I get an offer I don't know how it's going to work out with Sep 2023 starting times.

Has anybody been in a similar situation where they had to apply for an H-1B from India in US Masters quota and were able to go back? 

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