LCA in two locations

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Can you please help to answer these: my current LCA is with wage level 4 and on par with the prevailing wage in this State. Now my employer wants me to work in an additional location too in a different State. They plan to amend H-1B and before that to file a new LCA where they will mention locations in both States.

My questions are:

1. Assuming LCA gets approved, in which State will I be required to work – the current one I am working in right now or the new location in the new State?
2. Which prevailing wage will apply – the current one or the one in the new State?
3. The new State has a higher prevailing wage for Level 4 which my employer may not be able to pay. Can we revert to wage level 3 in the new State's LCA? Employer is able to pay at Level 3 and salary will then be compliant with prevailing wages in both States. But is it allowed to go back to a lower level in LCA?

Thank you

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