I-539N Visitor Visa Extension - RFE

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I received a RFE for my in-laws I-539N Visa extension I submitted in Feb 2022. The request for evidence is requesting supporting documents for financial support for the period of extension. 

  1. Three consecutive months of complete bank statements for checking and / or savings accounts showing all transactions
  2. other cash assets, or
  3. affidavits of support from a sponsor 

My questions are - 

  1. Is it enough I submit back 3 months bank statements of my in-law's Indian bank account since that is what they used for applying the visitor's visa and i did not sponsor their visa? 
  2. For the affidavit of support from a sponsor - Should I submit Form I-134 or is it just a letter stating that I will be able to support them financially while they are here and get that notarized 
  3. Should is also submit my financial bank statements as part of the supporting documents? 

Please help ! 

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