My Options with H1B (Moving back to USA)

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Hi Forum, 

I was in the US from 2005 to early 2017 as a Student followed by H1B. My employer sponsored Green Card (I-140) was approved and I also had a 3-year extension based on I-140 (Priority date 2012 EB3). My wife's case is also the same except her employer filed Greencard in EB2 (Priority Date 2012). Now I want to go back to the US, but I do not have an employer. I worked in the Oil and Gas Industry (Exploration), which is basically not very H1-B friendly especially when the candidate is not in the country. I am also looking for Indian companies that can sponsor H1-B, can someone suggest to me some indian employers. 

My question to the forum:

1. Can I use my old H1-B to get a new one, instead of waiting in line for the annual quota.

2. Can I use my old priority date (I was with my employer for a few years post I-140 approval).

3. Can I get sponsored for future GreenCard without applying for H1-B and go to the US after EAD.







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