I have Received Interview Notice for EB-2 with May 2011 PD and I am not working currently.

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I have worked with the I-140 employer in the past for 9 yrs out of 14 years of work history and also have a H1 B approval with the same employer till Nov 2022.


I started working with another employer using a EAD from I-485 of EB-5 petition in Jan 2021.

I submitted I-485 of Eb-2 in Sep 2021 with a Job Offer from I-140 employer ,while working with another employer. 


Now I have EAD/AP from both EB-2 and EB-5 petitions.

I have stopped working from Jan 2022 and I don't have any paychecks with any employer from then. I have job offer from the I-140 employer. he is willing to hire me and I willing to join the I-140 employer after the GC approval.


1)     I would like to know if I can continue processing both the EB-2 and Eb-5 I-485 applications till I receive the final green card in hand? (or) DO I have to choose to drop one of the applications during the Interview

2)      Can I stay without job while Employment based I-485 is pending.?

3)     Do I have to join my employer before my interview? If Not, will this cause any issue like delays or Denial?

4)     What are my options to make the interview go smooth with less a confusion and get a green card ASAP?

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