60 days grace period - stamping and port of entry

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I worked for employer A and terminated my employment on Jan 16,2018. Found another employer and receipt generated on Mar,18,2018. My first day with employer B on same day when receipt received date (Mar ,18,2018) and it is approved in Apr 12, 2018. 

I got one day salary for Jan 16-31 payslip.

Please clarify below questions?

Now Iam planning to fill DS 160 to go for stamping,

1. What should be last day of employer A and first day of employer B?

If i calculate days from Jan 16 (including Jan 16) to Mar 18, Mar 18 is falling on 62nd day and it is monday.

2. Will there be any issue on stamping visa in india or port of entry?

Appreciate  your guidance on this.


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dates wrong
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Looks like you got paid for January 16, 2018.  So technically your termination started effective January 17, 2018.  February has 28 days.  I think March 18, 2018 is 61st day.  Better to consult an attorney on this.

I also feel that the year must be March 18, 2019 (Monday), because March 18, 2018 is a Sunday.


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