H1B Grace period question

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My company did layoffs two weeks back and I was affected by the layoffs. I got one month of notice period (they will run my payroll for a month). I have a few questions on the H1B grace period I read online from the USCIS website, the grace period is 60 days.  I'm afraid I won't have any offers in the next few weeks, I might get into a grace period. Getting a job during the grace period will have any implications on Green card processing in future? I have GC priority data in 2013 June.

I might have an offer in 3-4 weeks from now and the H1B transfer process another 2-3 weeks, total it might take 6-7 weeks.
Will my grace period end on the day my company fills for H1B or the day I get the salary ?
Any suggestions will be appreciated.
thanks in advance
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Your 60 day grace period should begin from the day you are officially terminated.  Have you received a termination email or letter from your current employer with the official termination date?

If you get an offer within 3-4 weeks, you can join the day your petition is filed with USCIS (i.e. within a week, once the LCA gets certified). LCA and form I-129 will mention your joining date.  Good Luck.

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