Application for Admission Withdrawn *10000*

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My mother visited me on B1 and had overstayed due to medical and pandemic. However, here extension was filed and approved.

Another extension was still in process, and we did not receive any approval or disapproval notice.  But before we hear from USCIS, my mother left the USA in Nov 2021. 

She was visiting me on May 18th, but she was detained.  Her passport is stamped as - Application for Admission Withdrawn *10000*

Please advise what does Application for Admission Withdrawn *10000* means, and how can it be waived.

Thank you in advance.


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It means The CBP has allowed her to return to her country of her own volition as opposed to expedited removal which would mean a ban for 5 years.. It is possible her existing visa was rendered invalid by reason of overstay and she will need a new visa. It may be in her interest to consult with the firm of Murthy for appropriate guidance before applying for the tourist visa.

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