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Hi Folks,

I have a question here, i work with company A and my H1b is valid till Aug, 2023. Company B offered me a job and my H1b got successfully transferred with B, however i want to continue to work with company A now.

Question 1: Can i continue to work with company A

Question 2: Do i need to travel back to india and enter in USA on company A's petition/visa or i can continue with work with company A as if nothing happened?



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You can continue working with company A.  Check with Company B.  If they have filed for concurrent H1b, you will be able to work for company B too.  Also check your agreements with company B in case you have signed for any non solicitation, non-competitive clause.  Good luck.

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If you have not yet resigned company A, then you can continue working with company A without traveling to India. 

Let company B know that you have decided not to join them, however company B will not be thrilled with this news as they have spent thousands of dollars on your transfer petition.  (I am not a CPA and do not know if this expenditure can be written off as business loss). Good Luck.

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