H1B Concurrent Visa Filing

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I work full time for employer A. Employer B approached me to work for him and wanted me to work 40hr/week utilizing concurrent h1b filing. I am willing to do it (not just for the money but since it is a very good offer and technology that i would like to work for and for few personal reasons). Will i face any issues with immigration if i work 80 hrs a week on h1b + concurrent h1b. Has anybody done this before ( working on concurrent visa for 40 hrs/week). The second employer is doing everything legally as far as documentation is concerned. Please share your inputs. I cannot switch my employer right now as it will affect my Green card application at this point.


I understand 80 hrs/ week is difficult but i am used to it and would like to give it a shot as long as it does not affect my immigration. Appreciate your suggestions.

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