H1B Extension after H1b expired for couple of months

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I worked for a company in the US for 15 years on H1B. My Priority date is in 2011 and it got current in June 2021.  My current H1B visa expired in March 2022. I was in the US till February this year but currently I'm not in the US.  My current employer is not filing for the extension. So, I'm looking for a new employer who can file for my H1B extension. 

Since the Priority date is current for almost a year, am I eligible for normal H1B extensions (CAP exempt) with the new employer ? or do I have to go back in the H1B lottery after the PD is current for more than a year?

In case, if there's a delay in finding an employer, how long do I have, to apply under the CAP exempt option? is there a cutoff date?
Does the I140 Expire after the PD is current for a year.?

Please advise. 

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