B2 extension and re-entry to US

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My in-laws have a B2 10 year multiple entry visa. They were admitted in to US Dec'21 with 6 month stamp on I-94. We filed an extension requesting the stay be extended until 30th Nov'21. They had to leave to India in Oct'21, before the requested date in I 539 application. The status of extension still shows as biometrics was taken and the case is being reviewed. They are planning to be back in the US by May'22 (7 months after their exit during Oct'21). They are going to carry I 539 application and biometric notice indicating they have given finger prints. My questions are below :

1) Is there a wait time for re-entry as prescribed by USCIS? 

2) If there is not a prescribed re-entry by USCIS, does this 7 month away time enough for a re-entry (they stayed for 10 months in their immediate previous visit)?

3) What documents do they need in addition to I 539 and extension related documents at port of entry?

4) What questions can they expect at the port of entry? 

I will greatly appreciate any response that can help us determine next steps. Thank you very much!

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